Private Fiduciary and Trustee Services in Southern California

Foster Thornton Welling provides guidance and support during times of significant life change. This might include aging, retirement, illness, inheritance, divorce, or death.
We help simplify complex situations, working together with attorneys, accountants, and other advisors.

Our credentialed professionals function under many titles, such as Private Fiduciary, Successor Trustee, Court Appointed Trustee, Executor of the Estate, Administrator of the Estate,
Attorney-In-Fact and more. Yet clients know us by the comfort and relief they experience through our highly personalized services.

Fiduciary Services

Fiduciaries may serve in many roles, but in every situation fiduciaries assume responsibility for a position of trust.


The trustee of a trust manages the assets and income of the trust as set forth in the trust document.


An executor or administrator administers the estate and is responsible to beneficiaries, creditors, tax authorities, and others.

“My office has worked with Foster Thornton LLC on many matters. They are professional and an expert in their field. If you are looking for responsible and knowledgeable fidicaries for trusts they will take great care of your needs.”
Linda Short • San Diego, CA
“I can recommend Nancy Thornton professionally, morally and ethically. Her business practices are of the highest ethical and professional caliber and she proves repeatedly her ability to negotiate difficult personality differences in addition to business issues.”
Alan J. Talbott, Esq. • Trust and Estate Attorney, San Diego, CA
“Nancy’s accountings were impeccable and her work was always done on time in a clear and professional manner. It is rare that I see a CPA being willing to serve as a Trustee who is as experienced as Nancy is in finance and trust matters. I plan to use Nancy as a personal Trustee for my clients whenever the need arises.”
Eric A. Ashton, Esq. • Edwards, Ashton & Gin, LLP

“Just a note to thank you for all you (and Jill and Katie, too!) have done for me personally over the past 8 years. Besides your professional advice in handling Mom and Dad’s estate, I appreciate your help during my day-to-day challenges of caring for Mom while she was still in her house. Sometimes it was enough just to know you were there and were accessible to me. Carol and I have said many times how fortunate we were that John suggested your services to Dad before he passed a week later–what was a difficult time would have been a nightmare without you!”

“So, with the conclusion of the estate’s management, we are at the end of an era. Thanks for everything, Nancy!”

Daughter of a Client

“When I was living out of state and my aunt lived in Baja, we both had many questions about how things were being handled regarding my Mother’s affairs. After I moved to San Diego to care for my Mom, I arranged a family meeting to discuss her health, activities and finances. Six months later….a second family meeting. I still knew so little about her properties and assets. My aunt quietly, but reluctantly, attended with my brother and sister. What I am trying to say is that we were unsuccessful. Thank you tremendously for getting involved with my Mother’s affairs. Thank you for getting rid of all those northern properties that were a financial disaster. My Mom had said multiple times she wanted to get rid of them. Thank you for putting things in order.”

Daughter of a Client

“I just want to let you know how very grateful I am for your financial and emotional support for so many years. Before my mom passed, she spoke of you with fondness and trust. She was willing to let go of some of her control and turn it over to you. She trusted your judgment and was willing to listen to your advice and suggestions. You gave her peace of mind. For that I am grateful! Thank you for helping me feel safe and secure all these years. I wish you all the best!”

Beneficiary Client

“We have said it before and it has held true to the end – you have taken care of mom and in turn taken care of us throughout this season in ways both great and small. We are forever grateful to have had you walking along side us. Thank you for your wisdom, your steadfastness and your heart.”

C, C, and M

“On the one hand, it is a relief to have my dad’s affairs finally be at the point where we can even contemplate a final invoice. On the other hand, it is almost bittersweet at another level to consider that idea given how much you have helped our family over the past several years. There are not adequate words to express our gratitude for everything that you’ve done other than to say that it simply would not have been possible for us to be where we are today without you. You and your team have been absolutely phenomenal at every step of the way. I think that I can speak for my brothers as well when I say that if you ever have need for a reference, we would be more than happy to share how invaluable you’ve been. Thank you for your consummate professionalism, your exceptional dedication, and your genuine compassion. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Michael O.

“I just wanted to thank you for taking care of things for and with my Aunt. I appreciate having someone that can be objective handling things right now. I feel better knowing someone is looking after all the details. Thank you.”

Client's Out-of-Town Niece

“Nancy began assisting my mother-in-law when her late husband passed away. He handled everything for her during his life. On his passing, she needed a helping hand in all matters. Nancy has been an empathetic soul and has been instrumental in building a feeling of security for her in a very scary time. Nancy is very skilled with people and very caring. I am sure she does well with all clients in this situation. I give Nancy my very highest recommendation both as a person and a fiduciary. She does these things very well and she remains a trusted friend of the family.”

Client's Son-in-Law

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